sonnenFeld is a property developer offering real estate opportunities in the Allgäu, Augsburg and Munich regions.

sonnenFeld was founded in 2015 by construction and real estate professionals Ali Ekici and Bernd Frey.

Our distinctive mark is the key. It symbolises the opening of our advantage network for all those who would like to realise construction projects together with us.

This is what our team stands for

Ali Ekici - Managing Director - sonnenFeld GmbH & Co. KG

Ali Ekici

Managing Director

"Developing creative utilisation concepts for real estate projects together with network partners and clients is the focus of my work.

Achieving an attractive price in combination with high execution quality is the special challenge here."

Bernd Frey - Managing Director - sonnenFeld GmbH & Co. KG

Bernd Frey

Managing Director

"The identification, optimisation and communication of processes within the organisation is my main area of activity.

The attraction here is to prepare these processes in terms of content (communicatively) so that they are easy to understand. The creation of clarity is the goal.

Petra Schadt-Feil - sonnenFeld GmbH & Co. KG

Petra Schadt-Feil

Project coordination

"Keeping the project on the defined timeline between all parties involved, across all channels, as well as the complete documentation of the construction projects, is an essential part of my job.

Interface identification and support, i.e. accompanying the transition of project responsibility from one person to the next, is what particularly appeals to me about my job."


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